7th RRFS Ramasun,Thailand 1969 - YouTube

Memories of long ago, the 7th Radio Research Field Station or "Ramasun Station" was a few miles south of Udorn, Thailand. These are a few of my pictures from those days in 1969 and 1970, For those who were there with me there may be some memories here. People have asked me what happened to the people in the video after all of these years. Well, we've gotten grey and see life through experienced eyes now. One friend has been a 6th grade teacher in Chicago for years. We are students and jewelers and musicians and artists other things. One thing for sure, this was long ago and far away and this experience was important in all of our lives. I love Thailand and it's peaceful people to this day. (Yes I know about the unrest there, but I know the people and know the peace in their hearts think of them that way.) Sawadee, Kop.